High Security Access Doors

Strict single person. Biometrically verified. Anti-hostage steel door.

High Security –restricted access. A steel door system to protect your treasury that is trusted by the three biggest banks in the harsh African crime environment.

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    The Guardian Door is a steel door system that facilitates strict access of people and assets into and out of high security areas. It is a reliable, user friendly door. 

    The Guardian Door is typically utilized in the bank ...

  • E Door

    Innovative door-to-door tracking and a highly flexible layout ensures that our cost effective eDoor solutions integrate seamlessly inot building management systems.

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Benefits of Our Revolving Doors

  • A prestigious entrance into your Hospitals, Retail shops, Health Clubs, Airports and Hotels
  • Always open Always closed. Revolving doors create an effective draft barrier in buildings. They limit the exchange of air ,keep cool air in and sealing off draughts, dirt and noise
  • Conventional swing and auto sliding leave a hole every time a user passes through. The resulting exchange of air between the inside and outside environment that has to be regulated by costly air conditioning.
  • The revolving door effectively separates the outside environment from the environment inside the building by minimising the airflow at the entrances .The net result is energy conserved and considerable saving on electricity costs by reducing the work load on the building`s air-conditioning system

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