Guardian Door


The Guardian Door is a steel door system that facilitates strict access of people and assets into and out of high security areas. It is a reliable, user friendly door. 

The Guardian Door is typically utilized in the banking environment for access to the cash island or industrial and military applications where strict access control is required. 

The steel construction has been engineered to provide a hardened security barrier designed to resist heavy physical attack. 

Authorized users are verified with the on board biometric fingerprint reader. 

Dual access denial the door has a system of IR beams for detection of any attempt at dual access. 

Transfer of Assets and documents 

The Guardian door may be used for asset and documents to be transferred from an unsecured area to a secured area and vice versa.

Security Options

Security Cameras: The door may be ordered with one or two covert embedded security cameras 

Locking: Security profile keyed override

Control: A Dallas chip, RFID tag, Magnetic card, PIN Pad or Biometric reader or any combination may be used to verify the user. 

Planning, Delivery & Installation

Our customers first select the correct options for their application. To this end ID Control will arrange a site visit and then agree on an installation schedule. 

The installation will be planned for the most cost efficient delivery and installation process with the least possible disruption to the customers operations. 

The installation is carried out by certified installers and a handover of documentation and operator training is given. 

Services & Support

The product carries a 12 month warranty for components and installation. A routine maintenance service plan will be offered to the client ID Control have a national network of certified service technicians covering Southern Africa. 

Electronic Control

All systems are controlled by a micro-controller positioned in the roof. All processes are monitored, and the micro-controller releases the locking device. 

The controller monitors alarm conditions and controls the electric lock. 

The door is backed up by UPS offering 24 hours of uninterrupted power.

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Key Features

  • High Security Strict single person door system
  • Protection of the Treasury in Banking
  • Protection of “Cash Holding Area” for retail
  • Protection of industrial Treasury Areas
  • Cost effective ownership
  • Trusted by the three biggest banks in the harsh South African crime environment

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Through innovative and dynamic work – three of our products were successfully patented which created an industry standard in the field of security.

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