Bus Rapid Transit System

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The system can be fully integrated into the station architecture, is easy to install and requires little maintenance. Other station systems (ticket gates, lighting control, climate control, commuter communications, etc.) can also be integrated in the system’s control equipment. The Manusa BRT control system has been designed for intensive use and adapts perfectly to any infrastructure. The system can even be designed and implemented on the basis of the existing infrastructure.

How Does It Work?

When the vehicle arrives at the dock and is correctly placed in front of the dock doors, they may be opened either manually by the driver or automatically, after a programmed delay agreed with the client. Once all the passengers have gotten on or off the bus, the driver closes the bus doors and leaves the dock as soon as all its dock doors are closed.

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What Does It Consist Of?

The system consists of four elements:

  • Vehicle positioning system
  • Automatic doors
  • Communication system
  • Scalable management system

The system is able to identify the different vehicles in the different lines, and makes the opening for every vehicle in its corresponding dock. This feature is especially important in networks with multiple bus lines and docks.

The system is able to cater all control and safety needs and to grow and expand as needs arise.

Technical Information


  • Made in Spain to EN standard
  • Automatic or Bus driver control of doors
  • Installed and supported in
  • Southern Africa by ID Control
  • People count system
  • PLC communication system for dock door control
  • Safety sensors to avoid user contact
  • Break out emergency exit

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Through innovative and dynamic work – three of our products were successfully patented which created an industry standard in the field of security.

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